Saturday, November 23, 2013

Downtown Shopping 101

Lafayette Square looking north up Main St.

With the holiday season upon us, it's time to brainstorm for unique gifts. One area of town often over looked, but is in fact a great place to shop is downtown Buffalo. Did you know we have over seventy retailers spread all over from the cobblestone district to just south of Tupper St? That equals more retailers than all of Allentown.

I'm not going to include all seventy plus stores in this story, but will point out the basics.

Let's begin with the south end of Downtown at the Ellicott Square Building at 295 Main St. Inside the main lobby is a unique and trendy boutique store for the ladies called, Sarah Danielle. Always stocked with the latest styles, trends and accessories. Also inside this beautiful old building is the Diamond Cutters of Western New York, located on the 2nd floor, accessible from the main lobby. Perfect place to get a gift for someone special or to treat yourself. Also the place to get something touched up, re-vamped or re-sized.

                                                                     (Sarah Danielle)

Let's move north along Main St. to the Main Place Mall. Yes, it's not on the radar, but retail still exists inside with such big names as Foot Locker, Kid's Footlocker, Payless, GNC, Rainbow Kids, as well as local retailers such as Steppin' Shoes- ladies apparel, shoes, boots and men's hats and more. For locally made treats, check out Barkers Chocolates. Then for the Buffalo theme gifts and other unique gifts, The Gift Loft is a must! Across the street from Main Place is the Buffalo Flagship location for Rainbow - the latest styles for you ladies at the most reasonable prices. Two doors down heading towards Lafayette Square is New Generations Jewerly- watches, rings, necklaces and more for men and women. Speaking of jewelry, take a step inside the same building these retailers are located in, The Brisbane Building. Catch the elevator in the lobby to the 3rd. Floor where you'll find Behringer Diamonds. Behringer's specializes in diamonds, rings and jewelry repair.

Around the corner in the same building you see, EmbroidMe. Need something printed onto a shirt?, a bag? or other? This is the place. Two doors down is Edible Arrangements, may not be your typical retailer, but a chocolate covered fruit gift basket will work for me.


Now let's step into the Hotel @ The Lafayette where we have three special retail choices: Room2 located next to the Washington St. entrance offers home décor accessories such as scented candles, pillows, Buffalo theme objects and more. On the Washington/Clinton St. corner is the biggest store here, Woyshner's Flower Shop - This isn't just a flower shop. Woyshner's also carries locally made chocolates, hand made jewelry, house wear, books on Buffalo and more unique gift ideas. Let's go to the Clinton St. entrance for a one of kind ladies boutique, anatomy. This ladies retailer offers made to design dresses for all occasions from weddings, proms, balls, to even a special party and cocktail dress. Dresses and accessories are in store waiting for you.

(Woyshner's Flower Shop)

A few blocks east at 198 Oak St. we have Western New York's only full-service scooter dealer and shop, Buffalo Scooter Company - not just cool scooters here, this place also carries stylish jackets, sun glasses, helmets, hand bags and more!

(Buffalo Scooter Company)

Around the corner at 141 Broadway, more chocolate for you sweet tooth fans, Choco Logo Confectionary Design- custom made treats such as logos on chocolate. See how it's made and take home a few treats all in one visit.

Now let's head back over to Main St. near Lafayette Square. Turn right heading north and we have Main Jewelers, located at 440 Main St. Jewelry for the men and women for any occasion.

One block north we have the ever changing 500 block of Main St. Still a lot of work taking place, but one unique spot currently available is located right above a cool art gallery inside the 515 Main St. Studio on the 2nd. floor called, MAIN (ST) UDIOS Gift Shop - this shop offers locally made greeting cards, soaps, clothing, home décor and more. Across the street we have the Hyatt Regency Hotel, yes even inside a hotel we have unique offering open to not just travelers. A small gift shop off the main lobby offers cool Buffalo and Niagara Falls souvenirs, and facing Main St. is Spa Alexis - pamper yourself and take home a few home pampering products afterwards.

(MAIN (ST)UDIOS Gift Shop)

Around the corner at 468 Washington St. corner of Mohawk St. we have another unique gift shop and a creative place to check out, Western New York Book Arts Center - not only is this the only place in WNY to take a class in book binding and learn old school printing techniques, but it's gift shop offers one of kind locally themed gift cards, prints and more.

Speaking of books, let's head one block north over one of the country’s largest antiquarian bookstores, Old Editions Book Shop, located at 74 E. Huron St. corner of Oak St. Find anything from historical Buffalo publications to vintage movie magazines to newer books all under one roof.

(Old Editions Book Shop)

Now let's get back on Main St. and into the new Theatre District. I say 'new' because, well have you seen the construction lately on this block lately? ....Any who, let's begin in one of the country's oldest mini malls, the Market Arcade located at 617 Main St. Here we have a few choices, all local. For starters we have the Buffalo Niagara Visitor Center - the official visitor's center in Buffalo with brochures, a changing art gallery, unique mini theater with rotating short films all about Western New York and of course Buffalo theme clothing for all ages, holiday decorations such as Buffalo ornaments, and so much more. Across the lobby we have Queen City Gallery - a changing art gallery catering to the Buffalo area with prints for sale. From vintage to new Buffalo available at all times, a must see! For the female shoppers, we have two choices here for you, J. Christian Fashion Boutique - a wide selection of the latest styles for any occasion and accessories to go with them. And, Sasmita Batik Indonesia - clothing, accessories and unique gifts from Indonesia. This unique boutique also carries items for men such as scarfs and shirts.

Market Arcade
(Sasmita Batik Indonesia)

Few doors north of the Market Arcade we have Midway Jewelers located at 659 Main St. This place has been around for years and still carries the best quality service for men and women with stylish watches, earrings, rings and more. Next door we have a store for anyone of any age, Althea's 2nd. Time Around Boutique - from vintage to new clothing, shoes, baby wear, furniture and more all under one roof.

(Althea's 2nd. Time Around Boutique)

Across the street we have, Tent City at 674 Main St. Everything from name brand designers such as Timberland, Nike, Columbia and more, shoes, boots, jackets, work gear and more. A great place to check out for warm attire.

Heading north to the 700 block of Main St. we have City Wine Merchant - 715 Main St. at Tupper. Locally independent wine shop with a wide selection to chose from. Up the block we have one of the most unique stores, D.C Theatricks, located at 747 Main St. This places carries everything from costumes of any character that one can think of to costume jewelry, wigs and accessories that one can use all year long, not just for Halloween.

(City Wine Merchant)

Let's turn right onto Tupper St. and we have Lincoln Coin & Stamp Co. at 33 W.Tupper St. If your a collector of coins and or stamps, this is the place for you! Let's go Delaware Ave. and turn left heading south. To our right we have David Tiftickjian & Sons, located at 300 Delaware Ave. The only Oriental rug store in downtown Buffalo.

(David Tiftickjian & Son's)

And last but not least on our downtown shopping 101 guide, we have the New Era Flagship Store at 160 Delaware Ave. Home of the official New Era Cap. Not just fitted hats here with your favorite sports team on them, they also carry other stylish hats, bags and more!

(New Era Flagship Store)

So, next time your looking for new and unique places to shop, happen to be downtown and wonder where to go or thought their was'nt much offered downtown, then consider all the choices given in this post. Downtown really does have a lot of shopping options and it will only grow.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Best View in Town "Windows on Buffalo"

If you've never been to Buffalo City Hall's Observation Deck, known as 'Window's on Buffalo', you've been missing the best view in town.

Buffalo City Hall, completed in 1931 in Art Deco style is one of the largest City Halls in the nation. It's observation deck has recently been updated with local information on old and new Buffalo. While there, you can view photos of old downtown from years past, and learn area history. If you're unfamilar with the area or new in town, photos of current Buffalo are also provided with names of buildings and public spaces. A great first stop to bring any new comers in town.

One thing of note; On a clear day, you can literaly look straight over Niagara Street and see the mist and skyline of Niagara Falls in the distance. This space is open to the public for viewing Monday - Friday from 8:30am - 5pm (except Holiday). And it's FREE. Simply take an elevator to the 25Th. floor and walk three short flights to enjoy this amazing view.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Crime and Corruption

This afternooon, I left my house early in the morning on my day off to run some errands and then head off to my favorite cafe' downtown for a breakfast sandwich on a croissant with coffee. Then after checking my emails and event RSVP's, proceeded to check the local news (Buffalo News). Come to my surprise and what do I see? A photo of a guy in cuffs being escorded by police and a headline titled, "POLICE COMMISSION MEMBER ARRESTED IN COCAINE BUST'. Mind you, in a city where it's the norm to hear about corruption on someone at City Hall, now it's the men in charge of those who are suppost to be getting the very scum bags off our streets who is doing the crime? Where do we draw the line? Who is watching the wather? No wonder many people in this town are so untrustworthy of anyone in charge and of each other.
Link to story:

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Reasons to Stay in Downtown Buffalo, NY

Whether it's your first or tenth time staying in downtown Buffalo. It'll never disappoint if you like to have fun, eat and be adventurous. No matter where you stay in the downtown area, there is something for everyone withen walking distance or quick metro ride (free fare zone) away.

Here are just a few of my favorite things to do when I'm downtown:

1. Theater District - Over a dozen live theaters in and around Main Street's Theatre District with a variety of choices to chose from no matter what time of year it is. If film is more your cup of tea, check out the Market Arcade Film & Arts Center for both independent and mainstream movies.

2. Architecture and Tours - No matter where you look, you're going to come across some amazing architecture that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. From the Guaranty Building to Ellicott Square to Buffalo City Hall to Shea's Performing Arts Center, grand archiecture is everywhere to be found in Buffalo. Be sure to take advantage of a free tour of City Hall every weekday at noon that ends with a magnificent view of the city on the 28th. floor observation deck called 'Windows on Buffalo' or enjoy it anytime Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 5pm.

3. Shopping - Enjoy unique one of kind shopping in downtown's historic Allentown and Elmwood Village neighborhoods. From the very trendy and chick to the casual and not so casual shopper. Everything from name brand to local designed clothing, art work, foods, toys and more. Hungry from all the shopping? Be sure to check out any of the eateries and upscale lounges open late in the evening from Nektar, Spot Coffee, Wine Thief, Toro and more.

4. Nightlife - With last call at 4am, you can party at just about any hour in Buffalo. With the main party avenue being Chippewa Street, known as the 'Buffalo Entertainment District', you have a variety of dance, lounge, pubs, cafe's, upscale to casual, dance lessons and more. In the northern section of downtown, be sure to check out Allentown along Allen Street and it's many side streets for a more local atmosphere. From daily drink specials, to meal specials and of course, check out the famous, Anchor Bar for nightly LIVE events and of course try some 'original Buffalo Wings' where they were invented in 1964.

5. Festivals and Events - Buffalo is known as a party city and city of festivals. Many of the regions festivals take place in the downtown core all year long. From the Taste of Buffalo, Allentown Art Festival, National Wing Festival, sporting and concerts at HSBC Arena, Bisons baseball at Coca Cola Field, free concerts along the waterfron and Lafayette Square for Thursday at the Square and many more. You will always come across something fun to do while staying downtown.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Market Arcade Retail Ready

By Giovanni Centurione
(as seen on 1/19/2010)

With recent talks about downtown retail space, one needs to look no further than the original Mini Mall of Downtown Buffalo. The Market Arcade at 617 Main Street, located in the heart of our Theater District has over 600 square feet of space on the first floor, with countless 2nd and 3rd floor spaces available.
Completed in 1892 as a passage way from Main to the Washington Market District (between Ellicott & Washington) the Market Arcade was a true mini mall with small retailers ranging from flower shops, jewelery stores, hair salons, clothing, and more. All the things we need today and the spaces that can provide these amenities are still here.
Completely renovated in the early 1990's to it's original glory, the building is now anchored by the Buffalo Niagara Convention & Visitor's Bureau and Visitor Center, CEPA Gallery, Preservation Buffalo Niagara and many others. There is still plenty of room for small start-up retailers to come in and test the downtown market. As mentioned in a previous BR Post, the way to bring retail back downtown is to start off small. This building has the small spaces and is accessible from both Main and Washington Streets.
The former Ya Ya Brew-house next door (part of the Market Arcade Complex) is in final negotiations for lease to a restaurant (stay tuned on that). The main lobby was very busy when Fera's Cafe (moved to the Electric Tower) occupied the now vacant space. A cafe or small snack bar would do wonders to bring people back to the main lobby. Seating and tables are available in the lobby (left), or a new owner could make room for customer seating inside.
Rents vary; higher on the first floor, and less on the second and third floors. There is even the possibility of FREE rent while renovations take place for your space/s. The building comes with security and is open daily, so new tenants can be open on weekends or late at night.
If the Market Arcade can get just five or six retailers in here, think of the difference it would make to the building and the Theater District as a whole.
Get connected:
Hunt Commercial Real Estate
Christopher J. Malachowski

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Chayban's Men's Suits & Custom Tailoring- Downtown Buffalo!

Chayban's Men's Suits & Custom Tailoring-Downtown
By Giovanni Centurione
(as seen on 12/16/09)

A longtime business owner with over 37 years of experience expanded to the Ellicott Square Building this past September. Chayban Chayban of Chayban's Custom Tailoring has been tailoring since the age of 11 in Tripoli, Lebanon. Mr. Chayban moved to the U.S. in 1973 to Buffalo with only $50 in his pocket. Within two weeks, he got his first job on Elmwood Avenue as a tailor.

In 1978, he and his wife opened their first Chayban's Custom Tailor Shop on Elmwood. Since then, great sales has spread through word of mouth, and the stores have also spread all over Western New York, with locations at the Galleria Mall, McKinley Mall, Transit Road in Lancaster & Williamsville, Elmwood, and now the Ellicott Square Building in the heart of Downtown Buffalo.

What makes the Ellicott Square location so unique? You can get a brand new suit by names such as Burberry, Prada, Louis Vuitton and more. There are vintage suits, vests and leather jackets in mint condition, designer hats, raincoats, dress shoes, all for half the price of what you would pay anywhere else. Also, if you want a one-of-a-kind suit made from scratch, just choose from any of the many fabrics in the store, get sized up and you have your own suit - made just for you.

From leather repair, alterations, dry cleaning, weaving, and custom made clothing, doesn't matter where you purchased it, just bring it to Chayban's and have it fixed. Find a one-of-a-kind outfit in the Chayban store and it just doesn't fit exactly right? You can have it fitted on the spot.

The downtown Chayban's is owned by both Mr. Chayban and his son, Joe. Both guys have a great eye for fashion and are very helpful in finding just the right look to fit your personality. I believe this is the only store currently located downtown where you can find a suit and big named designers under one roof. It's definitely worth the trip. And ladies, you can come in too if you need alterations, leather repair, weaving, dry cleaning, and you can get a gift certificate for that special man in your life.

Because Chayban's location of the Ellicott Square building faces Main Street, you can park for free right in front of the store. This is the ONLY block along the Pedestrian Mall that allows auto traffic, so take advantage of it. Also, if you spend a thousand dollars or more, you will automatically receive a free gift certificate for $100.
Chayban's Men's Suits & Custom Tailoring
Ellicott Square Building - Suite 123A
295 Main Street
Buffalo, NY 14203
Mon Fri 10AM-5PM
(Models Top pic left-right: John, Jeremy & Zachary of Buffalo, NY)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Holiday Discounts at Weisberg's Jewelers

Holiday Discounts at Weisberg's Jewelers
By Giovanni Centurione
(as seen on 12/14/09)

Looking for a gift that will last a lifetime?
Weisberg's Jewelers, one of downtown Buffalo's oldest jewelry stores is offering big discounts right now through the holiday season. All gold pieces are now 50 percent off, and diamond rings are anywhere from 20-30 percent off. This is only from now till December 24th.
Upon entering the store, it's hard to decide just where to begin. There are large display cases and wall displays full of men's and women's watches, earrings, rings, necklace's, bracelets, pins, and more. And after you make your choice, the staff can do personal engravings and customize your items if needed.

A neat little background on Weisberg's is that it has been in Downtown Buffalo since 1914. They have always had a presence on Main Street, and were one of the original retailers in the Main Place Mall until 2001, when they moved to the current Court Street location. Owner, Ed Wicks has been with the business since 1963, and he can tell you anything you'd like to know about --from diamonds, to gold, to Downtown.

Weisberg Jewelers
11 Court Street
Buffalo, NY 14202
Open Mon-Sat 9am-5pm